tdr0753_Hidden Pocahontas that posted at Tokyo Disneyland


Many performances like “hidden Mickey” are hiding at Tokyo Disneyland. Today, I would like to introduce “hidden Pocahontas (*”Pocahontas” is the film title that Disney used real character for the first time/ name of main character).

The “hidden Pocahontas” is hiding in total 2 places at Tokyo Disneyland and both is a “poster”.

The poster is posted below the hanging notice board of “Painless Dentist”, which is dentist at Westernland and the other one is inside “Stillwater Junction”, which is a station that Western River Railroad doesn’t stop.

Both posters are the same that it says “POCAHONTAS REMEDIES GOOD FOR MAN OR BEAST”.

On the right side of the poster it says “S1.00″, so it seems $1 fund raising poster.

By the way, the poster that is posted inside the station that Western River Railroad doesn’t stop can be seen only the railroad is in motion, so it is quite hard to find it for the first time.

How about challenging to find the poster for fun?

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