tdr0747_What kind of thing casts made before Tokyo Disneyland opened?


Tokyo Disneyland exists with no surprise now.

The dreamland that completed by filling up the ocean was opened on April 15th 1983. Since that it pleases many guests and giving dreams and hopes to kids.

There were much difficulty before Tokyo Disneyland launched Japan and before starting construction.

Negotiation with Walt Disney Company didn’t go as they thought it would be and at construction site, negotiation with residents and fisherman that were against of filling up the ocean continued.

It took 8 years of time to open the Tokyo Disneyland since acquiring basic agreement of business tie-up with Walt Disney Company in December 1974.

So they managed to get on the construction and was a year away of opening Tokyo Disneyland.

At that time trainee casts gathered as open casts at main entrance, which was still vacant plot and they have completed something.

That thing is “letters formed by people”.

For the memorable start casts spelled out the letters of “Tokyo Disneyland”.

Letters formed by casts were created at where “Mickey flower bed” is now and it was photographed from up above. Behind the casts uncompleted World Bazaar that it makes us feel the flow of time.

Tokyo Disneyland is still loved by many people even it has been over 30 years.

It is exciting to see how it will change.

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