tdr0746_Vending machine at Disneyland? The installation reason and installation place


“Vending machines” are everywhere in Japan.

It is such a convenient machine, but it never had chance to install in the park since Tokyo Disneyland opened, which is 1983 to 2008.

Vending machine is very close to our life, so it will reminds guests a reality even they are at the dreamland and more than anything it is a machine that against what Tokyo Disney Resort cherishes, which is “connection between people”.

But in 2008, vending machine was installed at Tokyo Disneyland even they have been rejecting the idea for long time.

How the vending machine ended up installing at Tokyo Disneyland?

Actually it started to install at Park for the “heat stroke countermeasure”.

Wagons that sell drinks are provided inside the Park, but it takes time to purchase the drink when it gets busy and there is a queue. Situation of guests being not possible to hydrate immediately continued and at last guests fainted due to heat stroke.

To prevent heat stroke people have to hydrate the body. System that people can purchase the drink the more the urgency is needed.

So, installing vending machine was decided.

After that Tokyo Disneyland installed 2 more vending machines, therefore three vending machines are now available.

The first vending machine was installed near “Space Mountain” in Tomorrowland. Robot type vending machine to match the near future theme was installed.

The second one was installed in front of hall of “Queen of Heart” in Fantasyland. This vending machine is in teapot shaped having an image of tea party from “Alice in Wonderland”.

The third one is near “Trading Post” of Westernland. It has western texture grain design that is perfect for imaging pioneer days.

It is so Disney to make vending machine to fit in each theme to not let guests to remind reality.

It is necessary to hydrate the body when it’s hot outside.

Be aware of heat stroke when you are visiting on extremely hot day and do not forget to hydrate your body.

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