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There may be people with mobility disabilities who feel hesitant to visit Tokyo Disneyland, worrying that they may have to walk or stand in line for a long time.

But there is no need to worry; you can rent a wheelchair at Tokyo Disneyland.

There are many wheelchair-accessible attractions, restaurants, and of course restrooms.

So this article describes how wheelchair users can enjoy Tokyo Disneyland.

First, the wheelchair-accessible attractions in Tokyo Disneyland are listed below. Though not widely known, there are many attractions you can enjoy while seated on a wheelchair.

The list is categorized by area for clarity.

*World Bazaar
– Penny Arcade
– The Disney Gallery

– Western River Railroad
– The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents “Aloha E Komo Mai!”
– Theatre Orleans

– Westernland Shootin’ Gallery
– Country Bear Theater
– Mark Twain Riverboat
– Tom Sawyer Island Rafts (occasional)
– Plaza Pavilion Bandstand

– Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall
– Mickey’s PhilharMagic

– Minnie’s House
– Donald’s Boat
– Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House
– Toon Park
– Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey

– Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
– Captain EO
– Showbase

As you can see, a lot of attractions are wheelchair-accessible.

To rent a wheelchair at Tokyo Disneyland, go to the rightmost building after entering the entrance.

A normal wheelchair is approx. $3, an electric wheelchair for assistance is approx. $10 and an electric cart is approx. $20.

When renting, you can receive instructions on how to use the wheelchair, precautions and how to use facilities in Tokyo Disneyland on the wheelchair. If you have particular places you want to go, any questions or concerns, you can ask the staff there.

When renting a wheelchair, you will receive a card called “Guest Assistance Card”. This card is intended to reduce the burden of standing in line for a long time to ride attractions. If you give the card to a cast member, you do not have to wait in line.

For example, if you give the Guest Assistance Card to a cast member at a ride attraction with a 60-minute waiting time, he/she will write the return time (60 minutes later from the current time) on the card. You can come back to the attraction at the written time.

Please note that while waiting for an attraction, you cannot ride another one.

It is just for reducing the physical burden from waiting in line, so you can go around nearby shops or relax in a wide space during the waiting time.

One of the things you can’t miss in Tokyo Disneyland is the parade.

You may wonder you cannot enjoy such a crowded parade on a wheelchair.

But there is no need to worry.

In Tokyo Disneyland, there are three designated wheelchair viewing areas, where people who use wheelchairs can enjoy the parade.

These designated areas are separated from other areas with ropes, so you can watch and enjoy the parade while sitting on a wheelchair.

To enter the area, you do not have to make a reservation. You are led to the front on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you want to secure a good place, you are recommended to get to the area as early as possible.

Tokyo Disneyland has so many attractions and shops that anyone would feel worn out after walking around all day.

Also, you usually have to stand for a long time while waiting to ride attractions, so it must be very hard for those who have concern about their feet.

Tokyo Disneyland is designed so that everyone including those who use a wheelchair can fully enjoy. Please feel free to use a wheelchair to enjoy without worrying about your feet.

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