tdr0642_Tokyo Disneyland resident is not a Disney character


There is a town that Mickey and many Disney characters live, which is “ToonTown” at Tokyo Disneyland.

Mickey and his fellows are having life at there and go out for parade ad shows, but not just Disney characters live in Tokyo Disneyland.

To answer who lives at there is wild “spot-billed duck”.

It is obvious, but there is no animals like that have chance of becoming natural enemy like cat at Tokyo Disneyland, so for “spot-billed duck” tend to settle and easy to reproduce.

They live in the dreamland for so long, so they are so familiar with human and they are so friendly that they even come near rather than being scared of human.

Spot-billed duck crossing the road accompanied by children can be seen often during parade.

There are guests that give popcorn or churros, because it looks so cute, but this is a prohibited behavior, so please do not do so.

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