tdr0622_Make your dream come true at dreamland “Disney Tanabata Days”


Since 1997, program that themed “Tanabata”, which is Japanese traditional event is performing each year at Tokyo Disneyland.

Until 2012 that program was only held for a week, which was from July 1st to 7th, but from 2013 it expanded to 14 days, wish is from June 24th to July 7th.

Tokyo DisneySea also started to hold Tanabata program from 2014, so both parks became full of Tanabata atmosphere as “Disney Tanabata Days”.

Tanabata decoration that ties the thin paper with wishes written is typical when speaking of Tanabata.

“Wishing Place” appears in center of World Bazaar of Tokyo Disneyland and New York area of Tokyo DisneySea and guests can write their wishes on the “wishing card”, which handed out by casts who is wearing yukata and tie.

Also, “Wishing Place” was set in 4 stations of Disney Resort Line and many wishes were decorated.

Also, Disney characters changes their costumes to Tanabata version.

“Tanabata Greeting”, which Mickey and Minnie appears with rickshaw and wearing Tanabata costume was very popular that guests could meet characters with rare costumes.

Other than that Tanabata limited goods and menu is richly provided.

This program is only occur in Japan, so even Disney fans from different countries visited, so the program was ended with a huge success.

It is Japanese traditional event, but Tanabata that decorates with wishing card to wishing guest’s dream come true is perfect for the dreamland.

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