tdr0611_Super rare picture that happens once in hundred year is taken?


On May 21st 2015, very rare phenomenon was happening above Tokyo Disneyland.

That phenomenon is “eclipse”.

It is a phenomenon of sun and moon overlap and sun looks like a glowing ring.

Many people peek it wearing eclipse glasses.

This phenomenon was observed since September 1983 in Kanto, therefore it is super rare phenomenon after 173 years.

While people in Japan was excited about “eclipse” there was photoshoot by “official photographer” was occurred at Tokyo Disneyland.

Many rare pictures were taken such as taking picture over Mickey who waves tact at Toontown, taking picture over Star Jets of Tomorrowland, pr taking picture over “Partners statue” of Walt and Mickey, but picture of in front of Cinderella Castle and pictures that was taken eclipse every 5 minutes on fixed place putting together came out fairy tale-like.

The next time we could observe the eclipse in Kanto is April 2312, which is 300 years later.

東京ディズニーランド ~金環日食~|東京ディズニーリゾート・ブログ

We would not be able to see “eclipse” over Disney for real, so let’s just deal with pictures that was taken by “official photographer”.

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