tdr0572_Partners statue got a new look? The costume that is wore on top of suit


“Cinderella Castle” is a symbol of Tokyo Disneyland.

There is bronze “Partners status” which “Walt Disney” who is the founder of Disney and popular character that Walt created “Mickey Mouse” holding hands together is displaying at Plaza that is located in front of Cinderella Castle.

This is a bronze statue that symbolizes Disney that it looks like Walt and Mickey Mouse trusting each other and walking the path of future by supporting each other, but there was a time this statue had totally a new look.

It happened during the event of “Lilo & Stitch’s Big Panic “Find Stitch”” which held from April 10th 2007 to July 19th.

Tokyo Disneyland was in atmosphere of Hawaiian and it was quite lively.

So, Partners statue of Walt and Mickey changed to hula costume and wore haku (leave hair ornaments) on the head, lei (necklace) made with colorful flowers, and raffia skirt (grass skirt) on the hip to boost up the Hawaiian atmosphere.

Walt of Partners statue is wearing hula costume on top of his suit, so it is bit weird, but Mickey is half naked, so raffia skirt is very much suited on him.

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