tdr0568_The number of visitors at 30th anniversary was the largest ever!? “The Happiness Year” was quite lively


Tokyo Disneyland had 30th anniversary on April 15th 2013, so anniversary event, which is called “Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary “The Happiness Year” was held during that year.

Actually this is second time Tokyo Disney Resort celebrates anniversary after 25th anniversary and it was celebrating through the year, which was April 15th 2013 to March 20th 2014.

It was a huge event that performed anniversary event with whole of Tokyo Disney Resort having theme of “happiness”.

During the event “happiness balloon” that shaped Mickey was decorated the park to make the guests enjoy and few of those are “happiness share spot”, which can be moved with “happiness share pendant” that is sold inside park. These quite made guests enjoy.

It is a great idea that it is participatory.

Other than that there were many participatory events.

“Magical Dream Light”, which changes colors by move of typical night parade “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Light” was started to sell from September 9th along that sales promotion event was held limited to Tokyo Disney Resort official twitter account followers who have selected on September 9th and March 14th the next year gathered at viewing area having “Magical Dream Light”

Other than that on November 18th, which is Mickey and Minnie’s birthday there was an event that celebrates Mickey and Minnie’s birthday “Shiny Mickey Mouse Birthday”, which was guests initiative was held for the first time by guests who have approved the call for twitter users gathering at parade route individually having lights.

Perfect events for 30th anniversary made park so alive and the annual number of visitors (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea) became 30 million for the first time.

The number of visitors was largest ever that achieved 31,298,000 and the sales per person became best ever $110.76.

That tells many people celebrated 30th anniversary.

The next anniversary will be April 15th 2018.

It is already exciting what kind of event will be hold at 35th anniversary.

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