tdr0555_The second highest price product in Tokyo Disneyland history


Many products have been sold at Tokyo Disneyland since it opened in 1983.

Of course the cute Disney character goods, products are provided widely from food to daily necessaries and the price is arranged from low to high.

In this over 30 years of history, the product that sold at lowest price when Tokyo Disneyland opened was $0.10 of “candy” and the highest priced product was miniature “Cinderella Castle” that is specially made with Swarovski.

It is surprising that it costs $5 million.

$5 million is a prohibitive price, but actually someone already purchases it.

Kazumi Saito has purchased as a present for TV personality Suzanne and it is glowing at her house now.

Anyway, the highest price is $5 million and the lowest is $0.10 that there is huge difference, but don’t you get curious how big much there is difference between the “second highest price product” and the highest price?

The second highest price product at Tokyo Disneyland is actually “portable shrine”.

It is quite weird when hearing “portable shrine” at Disney, but small gold portable shrine is sold at “Chiba Traders Arts and Crafts”, which located Adventureland of Tokyo Disneyland.

The price of that product is 2.5 million.

It is more than half price of Swarovski Cinderella Castle, but still it is expensive.

Will the day of this portable shrine get purchased comes?

May be it will be a present for someone famous again.

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