tdr0533_How many glasses are used for the roof of World Bazaar?


“World Bazaar” is located just ahead going through the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland.

“All weather cover” that covers retro town of America is a masterpiece.

Actually this glass roof only exists in Disney park in Japan. It is built according to the weather in Japan that rain, hurricane, and rainy season occur a lot.

Because it has that huge roof, so people can safely take shelter from the sudden rain.

Anyway, the special glass is used every framework of “all weather cover”, but don’t you get curious about how many of that glasses are used in total?

Actually 4,000 of special glasses are used for “all weather cover”. Even it is specialized and tempered glass I am sure it was difficult to create a roof by sling the glass.

When thinking that 4,000 of glasses are used for the sky of World Bazaar it makes us look at it in a different way.

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