【tdr0524】To open the Tokyo Disneyland it took 9 years of business partnership


Tokyo Disneyland was opened April 15th 1983.

This day became the memorable day that induction of Disneyland became real to Japan.

To induct there were many hard times.

First, negotiating with Walt Disney Company and next was negotiating with Urayasu City residents and fisherman that runs fishery at Urayasu offshore, moreover problem of construction cost that goes over what they were planning, and many others. To open the Disneyland in Japan had each problem were big and it didn’t go smoothly.

It would be bit different by saying this as a proof, but when Oriental Land and Walt Disney Company (former: Walt Disney Production) have basic agreed with becoming business partner was in December 1974, which was 9 years before the Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Of course it is not that they haven’t done anything for 9 years.

Other than I have explained above everything was started from zero like deciding various things related to Disneyland, procedures, and development of human resources, so there was tons of things to do and had to spend long time on it.

Also, it doesn’t mean it will be accepted with Japanese when it is accepted with Americans, so it took time for adjusting the problems that happens with cultural differences.

Then the planning the plants of Tokyo Disneyland started in December 1980, which was 6 years after basic agreement.

The construction started from April 1981.

After solving many problems and spent enormous amount of money and time the dreamland Tokyo Disneyland was completed finally.

Because it went through a hard time it is now loved by many people as an amazing theme park.

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