【tdr0490】Which Disney character other than Mickey Mouse was drawn first at “Mickey flowerbed”?


With round shaped flowerbed that located at center of main entrance of Tokyo Disneyland huge Mickey Mouse’s face that created with white and dark green flowers welcome the guests.

It is called “Mickey flowerbed”, because it is drawn Mickey Mouse’s face and it changes completely by the events or seasons.

During Halloween event it changes to orange Mickey Mouse that surrounded by pumpkins and during Christmas event Mickey wears Santa hat that everyone is looking forward to see the difference and it is very popular photo spot.

Such “Mickey flowerbed”, sometime other Disney character than Mickey Mouse appears.

In 2006, face of Stitch was drawn due to the event called “Lilo and Stitch’s Big Panic “Find Stitch!”. The “Mickey flowerbed changes during the event that other characters than Mickey is taking the leading role.

So, who was drawn to “Mickey flowerbed” after Mickey then?

The character that drawn on flowerbed after Mickey was his best friend “Donald Duck”.

Donald Duck’s was drawn hugely on the flowerbed as a part of event called “Donald’s Wacky Kingdom” that held from April 15th 1999 to October 15th.

During the event there was “Donald’s Super Duck Parade”, “Donald’s Wacky Family”, and “Donald’s Ducky Kids” were performed, so Tokyo Disneyland was full of Donald Duck not just the entrance, but parade and shows too.

“Mickey flowerbed” is like prologue of event.

Event is started from the entrance of dreamland.

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