【tdr0480】The number of attendance when Tokyo Disneyland opened


Tokyo Disneyland was opened on Friday the 15th of April 1983.

This was the memorable day of Disneyland, but weather wasn’t very appropriate for the first day that it was raining lightly in the morning.

To make the matter worse that it opened during the weekday, which influence the number of attendance and on top of that the weather was horrible.

Ceremony that was planed to held at in front of Cinderella Castle or entrance, but it was held at World Bazaar where there is “all weather cover”.

Until then it seems full of unfortunate things happened, but how many people do you think visited the Tokyo Disneyland on the first day?

Actually about 26,000 of guests visited.

Anaheim Disneyland, which is the first Disney park achieved 35,000 guests on the first day, so it is a success result when looking at the numbers.

To gather this many people even it was on weekday, the unfortunate weather and busy beginning of fiscal year. In another word it tells how the title of Disney is powerful.

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