【tdr0474】There was meaning towards the day that “Partners” showed up in public


“Partners” is located in front of Cinderella Castle of Tokyo Disneyland.

The bronze statue that Walt Disney who is a founder of Disney and Mickey Mouse who is a popular character that Walt create holding hands together and they look like partners like both are trusting each other.

This “Partner” first showed in public was at Anaheim’s “Disneyland”, which is the first Disney park and his dream starting point.

It was represented to public on Mickey Mouse’s 65th birthday, which is November 18th, 1993.

This “Partners” wasn’t just made because “for the celebration of birthday”.

Actually, certain meaning towards 65 years of Mickey Mouse.

Walt who created Disney past away in December 15th, 1996 due to lung cancer.

He was 65 years old.

If you have good instinct then you know it by now.

“Partners” was created for the celebration of Mickey Mouse who is created by Walt getting to 65 years, which is a year Walt has past away.

Mickey Mouse was born, because of Walt and because Mickey Mouse was born Walt had success life.

They support each other and live up the Disney.

Mickey Mouse will be looking at the future that Walt couldn’t see after 65 years old.

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