【tdr0469】Background history of “ToonTown Delivery Company”


Do you know the wagon type shop that shaped like a truck at ToonTown of Tokyo Disneyland?

That name is “ToonTown Delivery Company”.

The blue cute truck that shapes round sells goods like stationary, accessory, and hat.

It is very humorous that bonnet of truck is display shelf.

So, when seeing this truck closely there are weird place that gives an idea something happened to this truck.

That weird place is “flat tires”.

One day, the truck was heading to “Gag Factory/ Five and Dime”, which also located at ToonTown to deliver the products 4 tire blowout at the same time.

There weren’t 4 spare tires, so driver was in trouble that he couldn’t do anything, but he thought of selling the products that are in the truck there.

Then when he started to sell it was a success.

So, he continues to sell at the same place.

I don’t know if he got into trouble for not delivering the products, but this shop had such a background history.

If you have coming near the truck, please check the tires.

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