【tdr0468】What happened at Tokyo Disneyland when Pacific coast Tohoku Earthquake occurred?


March 11th, 2011 at 2:46pm Pacific coast Tohoku Earthquake occurred suddenly.

It recorded the highest magnitude in the history of Japan, which was magnitude 9 and gave huge damage mainly Eastern Japan.

Of course no one could prospect the earthquake that people were just having an ordinary afternoon. Tokyo Disneyland was also in middle of attending guests normally.

At that time “Jubilation!”, which is a parade for celebrating 25th Tokyo Disney Resort was performing.

It is one of popular parades that started since April 15th, 2008 at Tokyo Disneyland (finished on April 5th, 2013). It is created with 9 floats and Minnie Mouse or blue fairy was performing on the opening float, which is the first float.

The earthquake happened when the opening float moved few feet.

Floats were stopped by huge shake.

Blue fairy that was at the top of float, which is 16 feet up high, was rescued with life. Of course parade was suspended, but luckily none of casts who were performing the parade got injured.

After that casts continue to encourage by little performance to make the guests laugh to not let them down.

Huge panic didn’t happen for the guests.

This is because of the emergency drill that they do often.

Because casts stayed clam, so guests could trust them and feel ease.

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