【tdr0458】Christmas event was still on going even after Christmas?


“Christmas Fantasy” is an event that has more than 30 years of history since the opening of Tokyo Disneyland.

The event is going from the beginning of November to 25th of December and it is a big event that wraps up the year and going on for 2 months.

Although, it wasn’t started as long-term event. Until the 1990, the event was performed short time that it started from December and from 1990 to 1997 it started from mid November.

This event started to perform from beginning of November is since 1997.

Isn’t it surprising?

And what more surprising is the last day of “Christmas Fantasy”.

At Anaheim, Christmas event is performed until the beginning of January and until 25th of December, which is the day of Christmas in Japan is fixed.

But when it first opened the event sometime on going even after 25th.

1998: December 1st to December 29th
1992: November 28th to December 27th
1993: November 25th to December 26th

As you can see above, the event was still on going even few days after the Christmas day. The last day of “Christmas Fantasy” become fixed 25th of December is after 1994.

Majority of Japanese mainly enjoy the Christmas atmosphere on Christmas day or spend time with a person who is important for them, so people tend to shifting gears to next event, which is New Year’s when the Christmas is past.

It could be saying that to finish the event on 25th completely is perfect for Japanese.

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