【tdr0453】Tokyo Disneyland used to not run 365days a year


During 1990’s convenience stores or restaurants were not running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also Tokyo Disneyland wasn’t running 365 days a year like now.

Why Tokyo Disneyland wasn’t opened 365 days a year?

That reason is with “Large-scale Retail Store Law” that occurred in March 1st 1974.

As the title says “Large-scale Retail Store Law” is a law regulated about system of adjusting Large-scale Retail Store Law business activity that it is regulated for the purpose of promoting the growth of retails properly and acquire the opportunity of small and medium retail business activity accurately by adjusting the business activity of large-scale retail store while considering protecting consumers interests”.

Explaining roughly, it is a law to prevent “making shopping streets empty due to building department store”.

By that 4 items, which are the area of store, open days, close time, regular holidays were adjusted.

The adjustments were applied by dividing into two according to the square measure for subjected big store like “First-class Large-scale Retail Store (retail space larger than 32,000 ft2)” and “Second-class Large-scale Retail Store (retail space larger than 5,400 ft2)”.

So, why Tokyo Disneyland, which is a theme park was caught with this “Large-scale Retail Store Law? The World Bazaar was the cause, which located at Tokyo Disneyland.

World Bazaar is a theme land that has full of restaurants and shops and when sum up the retail spaces it was applied with “First-class Large-scale Retail Store” of “Large-scale Retail Store Law”.

By that World Bazaar had to have closed days according to the adjustment contents. It would be not acceptable to open Tokyo Disneyland when World Bazaar is having a day off.

Therefore Tokyo Disneyland had to have closed days because of World Bazaar.

After that this “Large-scale Retail Store Law” gradually became ease and on June 1st 2000 it was completely abolished at last, so Tokyo Disneyland became able to open for 365 days a year.

Now it is a normal thing that Tokyo Disneyland is open everyday, but there was such circumstance behind.

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