【tdr0423】Dreamland changed someone’s life? Thank you letter from some family


Our life lasts long, so we all have one or two concerns.

It depends on how server the concerns, but “Tokyo Disney Resort” is a Dreamland that blows away that concerns.

Especially guests who are visiting with family can spend happy time and enjoy, because parents can see their child’s innocent smile.

One day, thank you letter from family who spent pleasant time at Tokyo Disney Resort was sent to Tokyo Disney Resort.

That family is made with husband, wife, and two kids, so it is family of four. The husband was running business on his own, but was facing the debt, because of economic crises, so he was facing harsh condition like when this was keep going they would be difficult to live and difficult to give food to the kids.

The funds were running out and what he thought about was “commit family suicide”.

He knew it wasn’t the best idea, but he couldn’t help it, so he brought an idea of going to Tokyo Disneyland “to let the kids to have fun” before move on to get done the commit family suicide.

Kids laughed, and made most of it innocently and happily at last trip of their life to Tokyo Disneyland.

His kids were having fun as if they never had the tough reality.

And there was cast who welcomed his kids and adore them.

Then the husband realized.

That he was trying to take away the smile from them and casts gave the smile on kids face. Him and his family visited the Dreamland as last trip, but husband reconsidered that “let’s come to Tokyo Disneyland and make another memory”.

After the family paid off the debt by the entire family member cooperating even it wasn’t pleasant.

He sent the letter saying it was all because Tokyo Disneyland that made him reconsiders of committing family suicide.

Tokyo Disneyland is the Dreamland.

Because they spent pleasant time that is far from painful reality, so he stopped thinking about the suicide.

We all have painful time or trouble, but this Dreamland has magical power to blow away the darkness.

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