【tdr0415】In front of Cinderella Castle is full of Disney characters?


Disney’s big event “Disney Halloween” held from September to the end of October every year.

This event started from 1997 for Tokyo Disneyland and 2008 for Tokyo DisneySea and it became a Disney’s big event for autumn from 2000.

The highlight of this event is the “dress up”.

“The day guest can be dressed up as Disney characters” is provided since 2002 that guest can come to Tokyo Disney Resort dressed up cleverly on only those days.

So “during the period guests can visit Tokyo Disney Resort by dressing up”, things people cannot see on normal days at Tokyo Disneyland can be seen.

The view can be seen at the Plaza in front of Tokyo Disneyland’s symbol “Cinderella Castle”.

Guests who dressed up gather around at this Plaza.

Each guest puts his or her effort and dress up fantastically. Hundreds of guests that dressed up vividly gathers, so the view is great. It cannot distinguish who is guest and who is cast.

Some guests take pictures of each other and have conversation.

It is obvious to see the person’s taste by seeing how they dressed up, so it is easy for them to make conversation.

If you haven’t had a chance to dressed up then it would be a great opportunity to dress up and participate the event having courage. Although, please follow the rules like it is not allow to dress up not related to Disney.

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