【tdr0408】What kind of gift was given for 25th year of Tokyo Disneyland?


Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th 1983.

Disney park of Japan started from this day after over coming difficult times.

And when Disneyland became the 25th year in April 15 2008, gift from “Walt Disney Company” in America was sent.

The gift is bronze statue.

Bronze statue of “Roy Disney” who is brother of Walt and co-founder of Walt Disney Company and “Minnie Mouse” having conversation sitting down on three-seat bench was given.

The finish tells the familiar atmosphere of Roy and Minnie and the left side of Minnie Mouse, as much as to say, “please sit down”.

It having empty seat is very nicely done that it is so real design-wise.

It is very popular as photo spot for the memory.

This bronze statue is located on the left side of entrance of World Bazaar.

There is “partners statue” that “Walt Disney” and Mickey Mouse” holding hands together between World Bazaar and Cinderella Castle, so it would be great to take photo with both.

By the way, there is message written, which sent with the bronze statue from “Walt Disney Company” on the top part of the bench.

“With this gift to our friends at Tokyo Disney Resort”

The cast of The Walt Disney Company honors your 25 wondrous years of sharing the magic with all who come to this happy place

April 15, 2008

Disney is created with everyone and sharing with all.

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