【tdr0399】The creativeness on Critter Country’s ground


“Critter Country” is one of theme lands of Tokyo Disneyland, which has popular attractions like one of three biggest mountains “Splash Mountain” or “Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoe”.

Do you all know the story about “Critter Country”?

There was mountain called “Chickapin Hill” at “Critter Country”.

One day Rackety, the Racoon was making moonshine, but he mistakenly exploded a still, so a dum that Beaver brothers constructed was destroyed. The water of dum went to Chikapin Hill cave and made everywhere flooded.

Since that “Chikapin Hill” is called “Splash Mountain” and people started to going downstream with log boats.

These things happened and now became one of popular attractions.

“Critter Country’s” ground has footstep of small animals everywhere, although it is unknown if it is performance based on the story above.

These footsteps aren’t created randomly.

When you follow the footsteps those takes you to the house of animals. Isn’t it such a fine creativeness?

The footsteps have various sized from small to big.

It would be fun to follow the footsteps when you find one.

By the way, the reason “Critter Country’s” ground is yellow is because it is imagining the “natural ground where small animals run”.

Performance according to the theme is solidly done.

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