【tdr0396】Walt’s name is on at World Bazaar?


“World Bazaar” is a theme land of Tokyo Disneyland.

Under the “all weather cover” the town of 19th century to beginning of 20th century “good old days of America” is creating the retro world and this is actually created by based on Marceline, Missouri, which is Walt Disney’s hometown.

This town holds a lot of Walt’s memory and because it is made like Marceline Walt’s name can be found on the window of certain building.

The building is the huge building located entrance of World Bazaar.

When looking back after getting inside the World Bazaar from the entrance you will find “WALTER E DISNEY & ASSOCIATES” on the center window of second floor.

Walt’s real name is “Walter Elias Disney”, so “WALTER E DISNEY & ASSOCIATES”, which can be said in another words of “Walter Elias Disney and his friends”.

To leave Walt’s name on the town that he has a lot of memory is such a stylish performance.

Walt who loved this town surely happy about this.

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