【tdr0393】Theme park date is Disneyland’s strategy


When the Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 it was running as theme park mainly for family to enjoy.

So many of advertisements were for family and the commercial that was on TV for grand open was shot mainly the family guests.

At that time an image of theme park is for family was fixed, so it is obvious.

Lately couples visiting increased not just the family, so Tokyo Disneyland became a typical date spot, but Oriental Land’s strategy was related the reason why couples increased.

The time not many people didn’t have idea of going to theme park from evening the lifestyle of enjoy the expansive off times after working hard at work started to spread.

Oriental Land started to sell “Starlight passport”(after 6 passport now), which is after 5 ticket that allows guests to visit the park from 5pm under the copy “you are the Cinderella from 5”. (*Starlight passport now allows you to get in the park from 3pm on weekends and holidays)

This reached women’s hearts who wants to “enjoy after 5pm” or “wanting to become Cinderella”, so women with boyfriend visiting Tokyo Disneyland as a date spot at night increased.

Couple visiting the theme park and have grown up date at theme park at night… To make you think this is ordinary is because it is Tokyo Disneyland.

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