【tdr0386】Why Rivers of America is muddy?


“Rivers of America” flows around the Tom Sawyer Island.

This river actually has full of strong preference of Walt Disney who is an admirer of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

One is water from “Mississippi River” that appears in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was poured before Tokyo Disneyland opened.

And another one is the color.

Water of Rivers of America is not clear. The water even looks like muddy water.

It doesn’t mean that this river has not been taken care of.

Actually the color is artificially made to look like muddy.

As I have explained above Rivers of America has water of Mississippi River even it is small amount. Because Rivers of America was created based on Mississippi River, so when the color of water is far from the color of Mississippi River then the atmosphere breaks.

That is why the water is colored like muddy on purposely.

This coloring took so much effort actually and after trial and error the suitable color was successfully made.

It seems such a small detail, but the color makes the worldview totally different. These particular things are building one world.

I hope Walt’s passionate thought towards “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “ is delivering.

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