【tdr0376】When the artificial snow started to use at “Christmas Fantasy”?


The big wrap up event that Tokyo Disneyland held is “Christmas Fantasy”.

It is a traditional event that passed down since the opening, which is 1983, but until 1990 the event was only held for few weeks and from 1997 the event started to continue for about 2 months like now.

One of the best parts of such “Christmas Fantasy” is of course the “snow”.

The view of snow floating the sky of Tokyo Disneyland even it is “artificial snow” is very romantic. It could say white Christmas and it is necessary for Christmas event.

But this artificial snow performance wasn’t performed when Tokyo Disneyland opened.

The artificial snow started to use from 1995. Isn’t it bit surprising?

Actually the year of 1995 is the year “Christmas Fantasy” came back after 2 years.

Christmas event with different title was held, which is in 1993 “Very Merry Christmas” and 1994 “Merry Christmas to You”.

And “Christmas Fantasy” was renewed after 2 years and artificial snow was used for first time during the show of “Christmas Fantasy”

I am sure guests were surprised to see that.

Each year “Christmas Fantasy” improves better and better.

Let’s see what it’s like this year.

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