【tdr0369】The specialty from only shop at Tom Sawyer Island “Canteen” disappeared?


Tom Sawyer Island is located at Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

There is counter service restaurant called “Canteen” on this island that can only land by going on “Tom Sawyer Island rafts”

This is the only restaurant on the Tom Sawyer Island and people used to gather around as a hot spot that carries “certain food”.

That food is “shake”.

Shake is such a typical drink on fast food in the summer and at Tokyo Disneyland the place guests could have shake was only at “Canteen”.

There was three different flavors which is typical vanilla, popular chocolate banana, and tropical fruits and each flavor was very popular, but it disappeared after 2012.

It is pity that many people went to Tom Sawyer Island just to have shake, because it is so tasty.

The menu as of 2014 is shown below.

-Maple cream ball 360yen ($3.60)
-Mickey ice bar (Tropical fruits)
-Minnie ice bar (peach & raspberry) 310yen ($3.10)
-Mickey ice cream cookie sandwich 310yen ($3.10)
-Tongari corn 210yen ($2.10)
-soft drinks  various

It is so sad to see “Canteen” limited menu go, but let’s hope that specialty shake will come back someday.

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