【tdr0365】Psychological tactics? Meaning behind the color of ground at Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland has 7 “theme lands” that building, attractions, background music, and coloring are all unified each theme.

So, you can sense the different atmosphere by going to another theme land.

The “color arrangement” is one of roles.

The color arrangement differs on each theme land, but it has meaning behind it.

-World Bazaar: red______________like a red carpet and intention in hospitality.
-Adventureland: green___________like plants grown in jungle.
-Westernland: reddish brown______like red clay of the West’s.
-Critter Country: yellow___________like the natural ground that small animals run around.
-Fantasyland: aqua______________like the green field hill where Cinderella Castle is.
-Tomorrowland: blue_____________like the space or future image.
-Toontown: light orange___________image if Disney animation.

As stated above Tokyo Disneyland changes the color.

Especially deciding the ground color of red like red carpet on World Bazaar, which is the main entrance is extremely cared.

Other than the ground color arrangements theme lands change image or atmosphere by having different colors of buildings according to the theme or changing costumes of casts.

Because they are dividing each area that is categorized and accomplishing the “zoning” that is why guests can experience the “sense of coming to the different world”.

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