【tdr0362】It was on the rooftop? The small Disneyland


Rooftop amusement parks are getting less and less that now there is only few of it left even in the area of Kanto.

Going to the small amusement park that located department store is one of pleasures for kids who thought of it was like a holiday making event.

The rooftop amusement park is flourished from mid 50’s to late 60’s.

At that time, major department store “Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi” did not have rooftop amusement park, but instead of that various events were held. And in 1955, “Niko Niko”, the monkey train and 1958, the event of “Joyful Disneyland”, which introduce Disneyland fully by using panorama and models was held.

It all started off from what Masaya Nakamura who is the president of Nakamura Factory (now is Namco) said.

Mr.Nakamura told joke to the president of Mitsukoshi like “not having rooftop amusement park is not a department store”.

Mitsukoshi made action after getting these words from him and in 1957 after signing contract with Disney the “Joyful Disneyland” was opened. The symbol of Disneyland the Cinderella Castle and other was set on the rooftop.

It is amazing Japan had Cinderella Castle even 25 years before the Tokyo Disneyland open.

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