【tdr0351】Where the coin that piled up in the well of Disneyland going to?


Tokyo Disneyland has 2 spots that make the wish come true when throwing coin.

One is “Wishing Well” at backyard of “Minnie’s House” at Toontown and another one is the well before the “Snow White Grotto” at Fantasyland.

Both wells make the wish come true by throwing coin, so many guests are throwing coins to the well also for the memory.

Coins are thrown at Disneyland where tens of thousands of people are coming and going, so the total amount of coins is probably quite big.

To let the coins to pile up doesn’t look good, so it is collected every the end of year, but where are these coins go?

It makes you think these coins would be the profit of Oriental Land…But these coins will be donated to “underprivileged children” with “goods from casts” and “proceeds from selling guests’ lost and found that has be left for more than 6 months”.

To contribute to children rather than putting those coins in their pockets…This is what only dreamland can think of.

A person who throws coin doesn’t feel displeased when thinking the coin that thrown by making wish is actually being useful to someone.

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