【tdr0341】Is it true that Tokyo Disneyland construction cost exceeded three times than original plan?


“Tokyo Disneyland” is the best theme park in Japan now. It is like the dreamland that kids and even adults can enjoy, but there was a big problem to build this dreamland.

To open the Tokyo Disneyland it had to compensatory negotiation of off Urayasu, Chiba and keep negotiating with Disney Company that strict with rights and other persistently and continuously even it seemed break down then finally reached to construction, but the cost is unbelievably expensive.

The cost was $650million.

Even enormous amount of cost was out and finally started to build, but to create the same attraction as home of Disneyland it wasn’t enough.

And the actual cost was $1.8 billion.

It is about three times more than the original cost, so of course it drew criticism. But this was needed to create accurately and finely to every little details. If Tokyo Disneyland was made within $650 million then Tokyo Disneyland may have not been success.

Because late Masatomo Takahashi overcame the construction with his decisiveness and leadership, so the current Tokyo Disneyland exists.

And Tokyo DisneySea’s construction cost was $3.350 billion including Hotel MiraCosta. To build a dreamland needs this much of expense…it is such a strict world even it is a dreamland.

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