【tdr0332】World Bazaar is hometown of Walt?


“World Bazaar” is a theme land of Tokyo Disneyland.

The sight of shops and restaurants that lined up under the “all weather cover” is always spectacular.

Actually this “all weather cover” only exists at Tokyo Disneyland. Result of considering about rain, rain season, or hurricane it was decided to cover with huge roof.

Plus the name of “World Bazaar” is only used at Tokyo Disneyland.

It supposed to be called “Main Street USA”, but street with roof wasn’t the best name, so it changed to “World Bazaar”.

Anyway, “World Bazaar” and “Main Street USA” is named differently, but the concept is the same. The “good old days of America” from 19th to 20th Century’s town is the big theme of this and the model is the Marceline of Missouri, which is Walt Disney’s hometown.

For Walt, Marceline is such a special town that he even told “the days that I have spent at Marceline was the best”.

That is why he reproduced it as part of theme park.

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