【tdr0326】Lucky Nugget Cafe is not a chicken nugget cafe?


“Big Thunder Mountain”, which is roller coaster type attraction in motif of mine train that gets out of control at abandoned mine at 1880’s right after gold rush. And next to the attraction that has atmosphere of American Old West has open cafe “Lucky Nugget Cafe” that can enjoy dynamic chicken food like fried chicken or smoke turkey leg.

Have you ever getting curious about the origin of the name of “Lucky Nugget Cafe”?

I am sure there are people imagine “chicken nugget” because it is “Lucky Nugget Cafe” that can enjoy chicken food. It is obvious, but “chicken nugget” isn’t the origin of a name.

It doesn’t make sense when putting it in as “fortunate chicken nugget cafe”.

To begin with “Nugget” means “a lump of gold”.

“Lump of gold”, “American Old West”, “mine train”, and “gold rush”… do you see what it is?

The person who acquired the lump of gold at foot of Big Thunder Mountain started to run the cafe, so it named “Lucky Nugget Cafe”. This is such a simple naming, but it took the historical background to it.

“Chicken nugget” was named because the color and shape looked like nugget when fried with breadcrumb, so the word of “Nugget” was used.

Having said that chicken nugget does look like nugget.

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