【tdr0323】Tomorrowland’s future is Todayland?


Walt Disney Pictures feature length animation film “Meet the Robinsons” was released on 2007, March 30th in United States of America and 2007, December 22nd in Japan.

This is a story about genius inventor boy “Lewis” who is at orphanage goes to the future.

In the story “Lewis” was taken to “Todayland”, which is the city that exists in the future world by “Wilbur”, a boy who is a space time police coming from the future.

This “Todayland” is so similar to “Tomorrowland”, which is familiar with Disneyland. “Space mountain” or “star jet” is lined and the view is future itself.

“Tomorrowland” is the area that has theme of future from the first place.

It is the theme land that keeps sense of future to us by renovating over and over again to make slip the sense of future time to time by changing the period of time.

The future city “Todayland” is drawn just like “Tomorrowland”.

Us that living “Tomorrowland (tomorrow)” is “Todayland (today)” in the future. This humorous can be thought because it is Disney.

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