【tdr0312】Garbage can moves around? The Garbage can that look for garbage


The reason why Tokyo Disney Resort is always clean is because custodial who manage and maintain are cleaning dedicatedly, but it is also related with setting so many garbage cans inside the park.

To have garbage can when wanting to throw garbage is very helpful from the guests and it is important to maintain the area clean.

When garbage can cannot be seen around then thoughtless people might throw the garbage on the ground. Also because custodial collect the garbage bags before it gets full the park stays clean.

So, I have mentioned about custodial and garbage cans above, but there is garbage can that is active with cleaning for period of time at Tokyo Disneyland.

The name is “Push”

It just looks like an ordinary garbage can with character, but he could move around by himself. And also he was able to talk.

“Give me garbage” was the usual phrase and when putting garbage in he says “thank you”, also Push casually responded questions.

At no time all the children was focused on him and to be surrounded by children became daily occurrence. Some kids try to peek inside and try to lift him up.

During 2000’s he disappeared, so we have no chance to see him, but may be successor of Push appears someday.

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