【tdr0308】Background music that plays at theme land never leaks outside?


Tokyo Disneyland that is built at the center of Cinderella Castle and 7 theme lands are exists in all directions. Each theme lands have view of the world according to the theme that of course the view, but also to play the background music that matches the view or the world produce independent world.

For example the “World Bazaar” that you see the first entering the Tokyo Disneyland has the theme of America’s provincial cities of early 20th century and the “Tomorrowland” that located next to that has theme of future country that is cased on SF world. As you can see it is totally different.

When totally different theme lands are located next each other, then don’t you get curious about the background music?

Have you ever experience hearing “few background music mixing” at large composite facilities like shopping mall? Background music is a sound. It is not possible to make it stop at certain points at like objet d’art or buildings does at the theme lands.

But at Tokyo Disneyland, to not let the background music to be heard at other theme lands, so some creative works had be done.

The one is “waterfall”.

To set the waterfall at the boundary line of theme lands to erase the sound of outside the theme land by the sound of waterfall. This is such an analog way of erasing the sounds, but it is very effective.

Although, it would be strange to set waterfall at every boundary lines.

There is another way of not letting the sounds to leak outside the theme land.

That is to adjust the speakers.

It is obvious, but hearing range scale changes by the volume of speakers. To not let the sounds to leak other theme lands by adjusting the volume and adjusting the placements of speakers.

Because of those creative works can maintain the dreamland that has various worlds.

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