【tdr0306】Who is that unique musician that appears at Tokyo Disneyland?


At Tokyo Disneyland World Bazaar, quite unique musician appears.

The name of musician who appears with unique vehicle that is combined big two front wheels and small rear wheel, which is tricycle and white piano is “Steven Shaw”. He is a bicycle pianist who appears with piano tricycle that is called bicycle piano.

The looks of impact, his skill as a musician, and his cheerful personality is accepted from guests, so he started to be called “Mr. Steven” from the guests and become familiar.

It was the summer of 1998 when he started to play at Tokyo Disneyland as a bicycle pianist. He was accepted at audition that held at Tokyo Disneyland and since that he is now still playing with bicycle piano.

Steven performs amazing performance with his music that makes people listen attentively and skillful speaking. I am sure there are many guests who are fans of Steven.

I have good news for those. Please visit the Shinseido at Ikspiari. There is CD of Steven playing is sold actually.

It is privately published instrumental album and the title is “crescendo”. Disney music is not recorded on this album, but ragtime famous music, classic, and movie theme songs are recorded.

To publish privately is not an easy thing to do. If you were fascinated by his music then it would be a great idea to purchase his CD.

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