【tdr0291】Tokyo Disneyland used to be heaven for smokers?


Decades ago smoking manner used to be not strict.

Smoking was allowed various places such as taxi, bus, shinkansen, or train platform and there weren’t no smoking area at outside. Although, recently no smoking and separating smoking is strictly controlled, so majority of public places became prohibited to smoke and people cannot smoke at places where there is no ashtray became ordinary manner.

Non-smoking performed at Tokyo Disneyland that people have to smoke at smoking area that is placed at several places.

Cigarette ‘s second smoke harm health other than the person actually smoking and the fire has possibility of burning someone’s skin or clothes where streams of people. And it is theme park with tons of children, so it is normal that it is non smoking.

But the awareness of normal or ordinary is just began lately, because when Tokyo Disneyland opened people were allowed to smoke anywhere other than attractions.

Smoke while walking and throw the cigarette when they are done on the ground…. It is such a bad manner, but this was allowed at Tokyo Disneyland when it opened.

I am sure you think it gets full of cigarettes end when allowing such an action, but it wasn’t.

That is because custodial immediately cleaned those up. Therefore it was like “ custodial will clean up, so please go ahead throw the cigarette anywhere you want”. Custodial’s sustainability is as expected, but it doesn’t mean people can just throw the cigarettes wherever they want and allowing them to do so.

This started to view as a problem gradually and non-smoking area started to expand slowly. In 1995, it was prohibited to smoke other than at smoking area.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a dreamland.

Smokers might have difficult time, but let’s forget about cigarette, which is such a realistic item when visiting a dreamland.

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