【tdr0274】The fact that Tokyo Disneyland had fire and the cause


During the winter, the season of dryness we all have to be careful about fire.

Tiny factor has possibility of causing large-scale fire, so we need to be aware of it.

Also, Tokyo Disneyland where many people gather has been paying special attention to fire.

So, more than 20 years since it opened never had fire and was running safely, but on 2008, January 3rd, the year Disneyland was about to celebrate 25th year the fire occurred at last.

The fire was occurred at walk through type attraction “Swiss Family Tree House”.

It is tree house type observation form facility that is in motif of Disney film “Swiss Family Robinson”.

The fire was started from the straw-thatched roof.

The fire stayed in small scale that only burnt 10.763 square feet.

About 100 of guests had to evacuate, but everyone was safe.

Damaged area wasn’t so big, so it could have restarted after 2 weeks, but the fire cause is mysterious.

By having done inspection, an electrical system had no problem.

Oriental Land haven’t officially announced, so it is not certain, but may be the source for making fire had been brought from outside can be think of.

The fire spreads so fast during the dry season, so please be careful.

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