【tdr0267】The masterpiece that was used casually at Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.


Tokyo Disneyland was opened on 1983, April 15th.

The ride type attraction “Pinocchio’s Daring Journey”, which is in motif of Disney film “Pinocchio” was opened at the same time. This attraction can be enjoyed by going on the trolley type of ride to go through the story of Pinocchio and is a very popular attraction that guests turnover is quick and the waiting time is short.

Did you know that inside this attraction there is a masterpiece drawn by legend who has same birthday as Tokyo Disneyland’s opening date?

Would it make it easier if I say the masterpiece that is known by every single person and is the most beautiful piece of paint in the world?

Yes, it is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. In the Pinocchio’s Daring Journey This masterpiece is set casually among broken items at the floor of “breakable room”.

He is a painter who represents Renaissance period and also has various talents that can be mention endlessly, which is science, math, engineering, and invention. Tokyo Disneyland was opened on the birthday of this legend and using this legend’s masterpiece is quite fancy.

Actually there are more things that are related to Leonardo da Vinci at Tokyo Disney Resort.

In the past, Minnie Mouse that is smiling elegantly like “Mona Lisa” was hanged up on the wall of shop “Minnie Lisa Sundries, which used to located inside the Hotel MiraCosta until 2011, February and at Fortress Exploration of Tokyo DisneySea there is experience type program of “The Leonardo Challenge”, which is to solve the mystery that is on the map and aim to become a member of “explorer and adventurer department S.E.A” is still exists.

To have this much of relation with Leonardo da Vinci … Disney probably loves Leonardo da Vinci.

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