【tdr0264】Even table napkin is on the ball! Disney Fairy Tale Wedding.


If you love Disney you would look up to the wedding at Disneyland.

“Disney Fairy Tale Wedding”, which bride and broom get blessings from Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse directly is very popular wedding program that has full of Disney’s consideration that exists no other.

In the popular wedding program “table napkin” is creating casual production.

The table napkin that is folded on the plate is shaping Disney character.

There are 4 different variation, which is “shape of Mickey Mouse’s face”, “face of Minnie Mouse and shape of ribbon”, “hat of Donald and shape of his beak”, and “Daisy’s ribbon and shape of her beak” and the napkin gets folded by broom and bride’s preference.

Originally there are many ways of folding “table napkin”, so it is very difficult to create three dimensional and beautiful shape with one cloth.

Don’t you get curious about how to make the Disney character with table napkin?

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