【tdr0261】How much did it cost to enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland when it first opened?


It has been 30 years since Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Now it is acknowledged as national theme park that guests are coming all over the Japan, so passport that is suitable for each person is provided.

There are “1 day passport” that can be used only a day, “2 day passport”, and “3 day magic passport” that can be used for few days, other than that there are “2 parks a year passport” that can be used through the year, “group passport” that can be used from group over 25 people, and “starlight passport” for going inside the park at night.

There are various passports according to situation or scene and the most reasonable passport other than at night is “1 day passport”. The price is ¥6,400 ($64) (as 2014, December).

It is pretty expensive, but with this ticket you can enjoy the Tokyo Disney Resort for whole day, so it is perfect, isn’t it?

But when Tokyo Disneyland first opened it had different rate structure.

Back in the days there weren’t many different passports and the only passport available was the passport that can be used except during the long vacation like golden week or summer vacation, weekends, and national holidays.

The price is ¥3,900 ($39), which is cheaper when comparing to now, but it can only be used only during weekdays, so not many people match the condition.

So, many people had to buy the ticket to enter the park and ticket of attraction separately, which was the typical way back in the days, but the ticket to enter the park was ¥2,500 ($25) and people had to pay every time going on the attraction, so it was normal to exceed ¥3,000 ($30).

As below, I have made the list of rate structure of those days, so check it out.

Adult (age18-)_______Junior (age 12-17)_______Child(age4-11)

*Big 10 ¥3,700($37)____¥3,300($33)__________¥2,500($25)

It is the set of entrance ticket and 10 tickets of attraction (A ticket 1, B ticket 1, C ticket 2, D ticket 3, and E ticket 3)

*Passport ¥3,900($39)____¥3,600($36)_________¥ 2,800($28)

Only available during weekdays.

*Entrance ticket ¥ 2,500($25)__¥2,100($21)______¥1,500($15)

*A ticket___¥100($1) flat.
Omnibus and other

*B ticket___¥150($1.50) flat.
Dumbo The Flying Elephant and other

*C ticket___¥200($2) flat.
Peter Pan’s Flight, Pinocchio’s Darling Journey, and other

*D ticket___¥300($3) flat
Western River Railroad, Star Jet, and other

*E ticket___¥400($4)___¥350($3.50)
Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, and other

*5 attraction tickets____¥1.500($15) flat         

These 5 tickets can be used at any attractions.

It takes time to buy ticket of the attraction that you want to get on every time. Even the “Big 10” that seems valuable, but you would have to go on the attraction according to the tickets, which is obsession forcedly, so it is burdensome.

It is so realistic and you would have to stare the tickets and map, which is not suitable for dreamland. To enjoy without having to worry about anything and going on the attraction that you want like now even it is bit expensive is the best style.

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