【tdr0235】The Tokyo Disneyland was opened on the same day as some famous person.


Tokyo Disneyland was opened in 1983, April 15th.

This day was some famous person’s 531th birthday. Who do you think?

It is the painter that represents Renaissance era and is a genius that had various talents for paint, sculpture, architecture, music, science, math, engineering, invention, anatomy, earth science, regional geography, botany, and so on and on “Leonardo da Vinci”

He left many of his famous paints and manuscripts in this world and is a polymath who acquired great reputation and fame that everyone knows about.

I am sure whoever was involved opening the Tokyo Disneyland never thought of it was the birthday of famous person who is representing Italy.

It is not sure, but since that fact was revealed Minnie Mouse and “Mona Lisa”, which is the famous piece from Leonardo da Vinci collaborated.

Minnie mouse smiling gracefully like “Mona Lisa” was drawn and was hanged on the wall of shop “Minnie Lisa Sundries”, which is closed in 2011, February of Hotel MiraCosta.

Also at Fortress Explorations, there is an experience type of program called “The Leonardo Challenge”, which solve the mystery that is on the map and aim to become a member of “explorer/adventure department S.E.A”.

The collaboration and program that was born from the unexpected incident that the day of Tokyo Disneyland opened and birthday of Leonardo da Vinci was the same…. A new project that is related to Leonardo da Vinci may be produced soon.

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