【tdr0233】Which was the first topiary at Disneyland?


“Topiary” is an objet d’art, which making into shape by clip or trim the plants and also this became famous by the film of “Edward Scissor hands”

You have probably seen small topiary that shapes animals in town, but you don’t have many opportunities to see high quality of topiary.

But you would have that opportunity when going to Tokyo Disneyland.

Inside the Tokyo Disneyland there are many greens are planted and among that you can see topiary that shapes Disney Characters. And each topiary are made skillfully so that topiary that shapes Mickey Mouse’s quality is that you can see his lovable behavior or expression and of course the thin arms and legs that you will never get bored of looking at it.

Anyway, now Disney Topiary is familiar to everyone but the first topiary was made in 1963 at Disneyland in America.

It started off from Walt Disney visiting a park in Europe during the trip. He saw many topiary shaping animals and thought he would want to have that at Disneyland too. So the first topiary was decided to made at Fantasyland.

But the first topiary wasn’t Mickey Mouse.

Then which character was it?

The answer is young elephant that has huge ears “Dumbo”.

How lucky the Dumbo is? To get selected over the Disney representative character Mickey Mouse. But why “Dumbo”? ….Only Walt Disney know that answer.

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