【tdr0231】Commercial of Tokyo Disneyland when it first opened.


In 1983, April 15th, Tokyo Disneyland was opened.

Tokyo Disneyland was opened after over coming various difficulties like negotiating with Disney Company or persuading citizen of the location that planned to build Tokyo Disneyland, but only 10 million people visited Tokyo Disneyland for the first year. After 15 years, which is 1988 the number of visited guests increased to 17.45 million and now there is Tokyo Disneyland and Sea, so the number of visited guests expanded hugely to 31.298 million (in2013).

The reason why number of visitors continue to increased is hugely related to making improvements of Disney parks itself or bring it up to the mark, developing various campaigns, or publishing various advertisements.

Especially the TV commercial effect was huge.

I am sure everyone has seen the commercial of Tokyo Disney Resort before. That is how much Tokyo Disney Resort is putting effort towards advertising since it first opened.

So, what kind of commercial was it when the Tokyo Disneyland first opened?

The huge bell appears and Mark Twain Riverboat operating. At the deck of Mark Twain Riverboat there is Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White waving their hands as if they came from the land of fairytale.

Mickey Mouse that dances on parade while parent and child smiling happily and Donald Duck that comes into contact with kids… Families spending wonderful time with many Disney characters were an impressive commercial.

The catchy music, which was played in the commercial “Tokyo Disneyland♪Full of joy♪Wonderful world♪” was very effective as advertising and narration of “Disneyland has arrived. Carrying lots of dreams.” was a very catchy phrase.

I am sure people back in the days that watched this commercial felt excitement. At the same time they surely wished to be there. Because advertising strategy has taken effect Tokyo Disneyland is now still existing.

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