【tdr0211】There is more than 100’s of hidden Mickey at the same spot?


At Toontown of Tokyo Disneyland there is a popular attraction called “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey” where you can meet “Mickey Mouse” in person.

Inside the house in the motif of Mickey’s house has full of unique Mickey items and you can meet Mickey wearing 4 different costumes.

Of course you can take pictures as much as you want.

When you can take pictures with Mickey it would be a great memory of coming to Tokyo Disneyland.

So, “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, which is fantastic attraction that allow you to meet Mickey and take pictures, but there is other thing that I want you to check when you visit here.

The round “red open car” that exists outside the attraction. It has license number of “MICKEY1” and Mickey emblem …. It is certainly his beloved car.

With this car there is other performance is hidden, but do you all know what it is?

That is the “tire mark of the car”

Not sure what happened, but the red open car slipped and marked the tire on the ground clearly.

It just looks like ordinary tire mark, so many people don’t really realize it, but the tire mark is assembly of symbol mark that is in motif of “Mickey Mouse’s face”.

The number of Mickey’s face is over 100s.

You never thought of Disney considering about tire mark, so people probably doesn’t realize it. That is why people in every range feel happy when finding it.

And yet, bravo to Disney, which considering small things and not forgetting playfulness.

It is certainly the first class theme park that everyone confirms.

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