【tdr0172】Tokyo Disneyland is (obviously) hot! So, What are you going to do?


The time Disneyland gets crowded the most is during “summer vacation”.

During July and August reaches peak, which is kid’s summer vacation. Plus the Bon vacation and grown ups vacation overlap each other, so apparently its gets busier.

During that time of period some attractions waiting time gets “360 minutes”, which is astronomical number.

I guess to say astronomical number is a bit over exaggerating, but when counting that in seconds it is 21,600 seconds. It is 6 hours!

(It’s just so long…)

Even though those numbers appeared on the waiting time board people have circumstances of “not able to get a day off on other days” or “only that day matches the schedule of each other”.

I would like to introduce the way of reduce the burden avoiding crowds even just a little.

First, before you go to Disneyland make sure to talk about “what you want to do at Disneyland”.

Each person has different purposes to go to Disneyland.

A person who want to spend relaxing time seeing unordinary views or a person want to go on as much attractions possible. Other than that want to meet the characters or want to eat great food… Because Disneyland has full of wonderful things you tend to get greedy.

It would be too late to talk about what to do when arriving at Tokyo Disneyland and don’t forget it’s midsummer! You get so tired just wondering around thinking what to do.

Plus there is a time limit. Decide what to do and the order of priority too.

When deciding on what to do and order of priority then gather information at official website.

Of course with purchasing the ticket in advance and restaurants too, it would be better to make reservation beforehand with things that accepting reservations. Confirm the schedule of parade or show. Some case you would have to go and find the place to watch before the show begins.

Also you could purchase the park ticket having no date or time designated at any Disney Store in Japan.

It is so convenient having no time or date designated, but when there is limitation to get in the park for some circumstances you have possibility of not able to getting inside the park with that ticket.

People who cannot go on specific date then it would be better to get a ticket with date and time.

At Disneyland use locker room to drop the baggage to make minimize the baggage you carry around with. There are several coin lockers located around main entrance of Disneyland and DisneySea and the fee is the same in both parks.

Extra large locker/700 yen, oversize locker/700 yen, large locker/500 yen, medium locker/400 yen, small locker/300 yen.

You can check where the coin lockers are located by searching “coin locker” at official website.

When searching “break” at official website it takes you to the second floor of boarding point of Lost River Delta “Transit Steamer Line”.

Actually with that boarding point has second floor. It is showing on the website, so it should be fine to go there. The second floor is “Transit Steamer Line’s” Reception office and waiting room. It has atmosphere of central of America that you would want to say “we are just here to take a break so no need to have this much of atmosphere”.

But I am not going to write about the details of the building or the room…. It will be spoiling the fun bits.

Although, you can hear the real time news about Dr. Indiana Jones from the Radio…. may be I just made many fans of Indiana Jones happy.

There is “Park Information Board” that you could sit under AC. At this place you can know about “waiting time of attractions, fastpass situation, oepning time of shows” all of these can be check at here.

This would be so convenient to take a break by escaping from the heat and to think what to do next.

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