【tdr0165】”Dream reserved party” at “Dreamland” Tokyo Disneyland?


You are able to do reserved party at restaurants or pubs.

It also can be done at Disney Resort just like same as you reserve the entire restaurants or pubs.

You may think this can only be done with famous people who are in same class as Michael Jackson! But you don’t have to be super famous or entertainer to do reserved party at Disney Resort.

There are two types of reserved party.

1. “Private Evening Party”.

You can have the entire park from 7:30 to 10:30 to yourself by closing the Disney Resort at 6:30pm.

2. “Magical Fantasy Party”.

You will be entering the park with regular guests from 2pm. Usually the park closes at 8pm, but with Magical Fantasy Party you can reserve the park by extending the opening hours to 10pm.

“Private Evening Party” has one condition and term, which is “more than 4,000 of people is needed”.

Also, passport fee is needed for each participant.

To reserve 3 hours, each person who is older than 3 years old needs 5600 yen (free for kids under 3). So, minimum 4,000 people × 5600 yen makes 22.4 million yen (about $22 million).

Therefore if you have 22.4 million yen of passport fee then you can have reserved party at Disney Resort!

At “Private Evening Party” there isn’t character greetings. It is because there is a possibility of people rush into the characters.

Although, “to invite the character to ceremony” then you can make them participate at reserved party. The fee of ceremony is current price, so it differs on when you do it or how many characters you are inviting. When doing at off-period it will be about 10 million yen (about $10 million).

To just have reserved party at Tokyo Disney Resort will cost little more than 20 million yen (about $20 million). But if you think there is no point doing party at Disneyland when there is no Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse then the total will be exceeding 30 million yen (about $30 million).

You may think “30 million yen is so expensive even though you can have the entire dreamland on your own”, but there is a way of telling 4,000 visitors to pay their own ticket.

When major company reserves the Disneyland, many times they let them pay the own ticket.

Some University rented the Disneyland with this method by having 4,000 of guests. How about collecting more than 4,000 people on Internet or SNS to have “reserved party at Disneyland and have fun”?

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