【tdr0148】Let’s go to Tokyo Disneyland because it’s raining!


There are so many special things at Tokyo Disneyland when it is raining.

There are times that you can only go on specific day, but it’s raining, but don’t be sad.

At Tokyo Disneyland, things that you only can see on the raining days, attractions, and special goods limited on raining days.

1. When it is raining, outdoor attractions are not busy!

Other than storm or extremely bad weather, the attractions are running normally when it is only raining.

And it is not crowded!

When it is sunny you would have to wait for few hours, but when it is raining the waiting time is shorter. You can get on the attraction that you wanted to get on quick.

2. Rainy day limited goods or parades!

Poncho, umbrella, raincoat is all rainy day limited goods. You cannot buy those when it is not raining.

3. Parades are also limited when it’s raining.

There is “Nightfall Glow” that only performed when the night parade is cancelled.

Mickey and other characters perform the parade by going on float with big umbrella, float that has roof. It is a special parade that only performed on rainy days. This is a very rare and special parade that only performed on rainy days. Sometime character greetings are done by characters lining up, which is also limited on rainy days.

4. The crowded place on the rainy days is World Bazaar area that has roof.

Especially the restaurants gets busier than sunny days, it would be better to have a reservation.

5. Things that should be prepared on rainy days.

Poncho or raincoat is the must items on rainy day. You cannot ride the attraction with umbrella, but poncho is accepted.

You can enjoy the time comfortably when having towel, extra clothes and socks.

6. Go on the attractions involve water on rainy days.

I would like to introduce few attractions that can be recommended for people who want to get soaking wet rather than worrying about getting wet on the rainy day.

“Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoe” is the only attraction out of attractions at Tokyo Disneyland that needs human power. People tend not to go on this ride worrying about getting wet, but how about challenging this ride when it is raining?

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is popular outdoor attraction for kids. The waiting time of this attraction is quite long usually. But the waiting time for this attraction on raining day is shorter, so it may be the chance to get on this attraction.

Also, how about “Splash Mountain” just because it is raining. It is so busy usually and not many people want to go on attraction involving water when it is raining. At the end of the attraction, you may see the view that can only see on the rainy day.

7. Attraction that can be enjoyed while taking shelter from the rain.

“The Enchanted Tiki’s Room” is indoor attraction that Stitch and other characters sing and dance. You can also sit and relax and the waiting time is not long. At the lobby, there is bathroom, so it is very convenient for taking a break.

“Country Bear Theatre” is an attraction that a band of “Country Bear Band” of 18 bears perform concert. This also can be watched by sitting and can spend relaxing time while listening to the beautiful music.

As you can see, Tokyo Disneyland on rainy day has so many special things. Most of people who went on the rainy day hope to be raining when visiting next.

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